Index of Summative Tasks

Our summative tasks are divided into three classes - Novice, Apprentice and Expert. This is not a measurement of the difficulty of the content, but indicates the extent to which they require students to autonomously apply their mathematical knowledge: Novice tasks explicitly test particular items of content knowledge, Expert tasks are far less structured and require strategic problem-solving skills in addition to content knowledge. A “balanced diet” of Novice, Apprentice and Expert tasks is needed to properly assess the Mathematical Practices.

Each task includes a scoring rubric, a set of pre-scored sample student work, and the same set of work without the scores. Scoring practice for this type of task can be an effective Professional Development activity.

A selection of test forms using these styles of task is also available.

Choosing Tasks

There are several ways of navigating:

  1. Use the menu on the left to browse by grade and topic area, or search for a key phrase.
  2. Go to the Standards tab to find tasks linked to a particular content standard or practice.
  3. The complete set of tasks is listed below in alphabetic order.